Friday, July 27, 2012

All Alphabets, Toes, and Smiles Today!

Trey saying the letters and pointing with his toes :)
It was a quiet Friday evening at home.  Daddy was busy with work stuff so just Trey and I hung out. He got out all his alphabet magnets and foam shapes, which is pretty much a daily activity.  He made 3 rows of complete A-Z letters. Wow!  I have not seen him do this before... I had to take pictures, of course!  When I take pictures, it makes me want to write.  So I wrote a little ABC poem for Trey and it goes something like this...

Numbers and Letters, Oh My!  That's My Family Room!
A..accept you as you are
B..I believe in you's ok to cry sometimes
D..dream big, little man

E..envisions the whole of you.. not with a missing piece
F..forgives those who show hurtful ignorance
G..go for it
H..I will help you
Trey was busy making rows and rows of alphabetical order, of course!

I..inspire someone
J..just always be you
K..I keep you close in my heart
L..loves you for who you are've made a difference in my life
N..never alone you'll be

Busy, busy boy... <3

 in a million to me (not 1 in 54)
P..pick you up
Q..quiet your fears
R..raise your spirits
S..shake your booty to the music have taught me so much

U..I understand you
V..very proud
W..I will walk beside you on your journey
X..excited to watch you grow are amazing 
Z..zucchini when it's breaded and fried tastes a little like chicken nuggets

He spelled a new word...TRAIN!

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