H... is for Hyperlexia

This page is for information I want to share about Hyperlexia.  There is very little information and lots of mixed views about Hyperlexia.. so I will post things I find interesting about the subject.

My personal opinion on my son's Hyperlexia is that of an amazing gift.  He has struggles with other parts of being Autistic - sensory, speech, communication, and social skills. I truly believe Hyperlexia will assist him in learning some of these tough areas for him (if taught right) and will somehow be a big part of his adult successes.

Hyperlexia is fascinating!  I want to not only encourage my son's passion for spelling and reading, but use it as a tool for his developmental delays.

Trey was non-verbal until a few months after his 3rd birthday.. yet he knew his ABC's and could spell and read words at 2 years old.  Here he is at 3 1/2 years old (March 2013) finding his voice and becoming verbal... I believe due in big part to his Hyperlexia!!

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