V.. is for Videos

 April 2012: This video is of Trey playing with bubbles.  He loves this!!  We are trying to use bubbles to encourage language..it's a "trick" our First Steps OT taught us.  We are trying to get him to say "Pop!" and "Bubbles!"

April 2012: This video shows Trey (2 1/2) identifying letters when prompted, and speaking them.  It also shows some of his Autistic behaviors.  He can say and identify all the letters of the alphabet..but has yet to say words.

April 2012:  This video shows Trey "playing" with his alphabet flashcards.. it is a little dark, but I wanted to post what his Autistic behaviors looked like.  Here you can hear repetition of the same letters along with hand-flapping...

Our Beautiful Boy...

What Does Autism Look Like?

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