Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One Step at a Time.. Our first Walk for Autism!

During our family vacation to my hubby's hometown of Eau Claire, WI, we were so excited to join in our very first walk for Autism!!  The Chippewa Valley Autism Society held their 3rd annual Autism walk on Saturday June 9, 2012.  We had a blast with our Conner family who joined us on the 1 mile "Spectrum Shuffle" for a great cause!!!

Meltdown :(

Trey had a rough start.  He was not a happy camper with the crowd of people and super loud music (which was my only complaint from the event.. I didn't think blaring music was the smartest choice for an Autism event.. ugh) He had a big meltdown and kept running back to the van.  Thank heaven for his alphabet magnets to calm him down!!
Alphabet Magnets give him peace <3

The "Spectrum Shuffle" Crowd
 I know the crowd was tough for our little man, but it was something special to see so many people there all for such a great purpose!!  Seeing so many families with there own team shirts representing their loved one with Autism touched my heart. 

The Conner Family walking the mile for Autism :)
Trey's cousin Chase walked the whole mile!
Our Super Hero

To me it wasn't about the walk.  It was a mile.. but it could have been a yard, or even a step.  That didn't matter.  It was about being with those you love, those who support you.. and showing the community that  you are aware and care!

*Special thanks to our wonderful family: Grandpops, Grandma, Uncle Sean, Aunt Leah, Chase, Aunt Marcee, and Sissy.  Love you all!*

Chippewa Valley Autism Society "Spectrum Shuffle"

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  1. So glad you were able to join in the walk! It is something that I have wanted to do but I am not sure being wheeled in my wheelchair would constitute "walking". Great pictures! You are in inspiration!!