Saturday, June 16, 2012

Super Au-some Daddy!!

Tomorrow is Father's Day... and I want to tell you a little about Trey's.  My husband David is not only the love of my life... but also a truly amazing daddy.  Since the day Trey was born, he has done it all.. the feedings, the poopy diapers, the baths... Ok, maybe not the middle of the night feedings. Nobody's perfect.

For the first nearly two years of Trey's life, his daddy was working so hard as a Chef/Kitchen Manager to provide the best life for him.  It meant very long hours away from us and the job itself was not very gratifying.  He tried hard not to bring the stress home and just stay focused on getting the paycheck. It was soon thereafter David was laid off.  We were scared at first... but would soon realize what a blessing it was.

Then when Trey starting having major anxiety at the babysitter's house and our pediatrician diagnosed him with Autism, we made the decision for David to stay home with Trey.  David made a budget, clipped coupons, made weekly menus, cleaned and worked.  We were ok!!

David Conner I, II, and III
A few months later, David decided to look into buying and selling used Thomas trains online.  Trey has always LOVED Thomas trains but we couldn't exactly afford them.  So we bought a few used ones off Craig's List... and then later bought a train table from there too.  The table came with tons of trains... so he sold the extra trains on eBay which paid for the table and then some! Long story short... (I will save the full story for another blog)... David now runs a nice profitable business selling trains and toys on eBay and Amazon and it's only getting bigger!  This has enabled him to stay home with Trey and work from home.. I am so proud of him!!

So here we are today.. Trey is 2 1/2 and his daddy is home with him everyday while I am at work.  We don't have to worry about daycare and whether or not Trey's needs are provided.  To us, that is HUGE!  Also, David is there for it all.. he is there for all the OT/ST therapy sessions, pediatrician appointments, neurologist appointments and will be for the additional therapies that are to come in the near future.

I celebrate Trey's daddy and thank him for all he has done for me, for his stepchildren, and especially for our special little boy.  He is Au-Some!! <3 

This is a video I made for David...

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  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful view into your special family! You are so lucky that your husband was able to stay home so you don't have to worry about who is caring for Trey. My kids are quite a bit older (15 and 8)but I still worry about them when either my husband or I are not wth them. Have a blessed and blissful Father's Day!!