Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Very Special Sibling...Megan.

Megan is sitting on the floor.  She yells towards the hallway "TREYYAY!" in a loud, silly voice.  Suddenly you hear very fast pitter-patter of little feet and lots of giggling. Then flying around the corner from the hallway bolts Trey right towards his big sister with a huge smile on his face.  He almost takes flight at this moment and leaps into Megan's arms.  "Awwww...." Megan says as she bear-hugs him.  Trey giggles some more, then jumps up and runs down the hall to play it again....and again...and again.  Megan is his best friend.

It's hard to believe that this is the same little 9 year old girl I was consoling and wiping tears from three years ago when I broke the news to her that I was going to have a baby.  My heart hurt to see her so sad...but I understood.  First, her father and I had divorced the year before and she was learning to live with the idea that her mom was now in a serious relationship with David.  Second, she was the baby of the family...born 6 years after I had the twins, Jacob and Jessica, she was my baby girl.  I think she was still hurting from the divorce and now she felt like she was going to be replaced by a baby.

 But as the months went on, it got easier....and when she got to hold him after he was born, I could see instant love she had for that tiny boy, her baby brother.  Now..I am sure when Megan reads this blog, that last sentence will be followed with a "OMG...Mom, you are so gushy." (followed by rolling of the eyes).  That is because Megan... my sweet baby girl... turned 13 last August.  Yes, a teenager!!!  In some ways she is the typical teenager.  She gets a little sassy and you have to tell her 127 times to clean her room or Hammie the Hamster's cage.  She loves to hang out with her friends, text constantly on her phone, and go shopping.  But in one big way, she is not typical...and that's by how amazing she is with Trey.

Megan has been there for Trey since day one.  She gave him one of his first bottles in the hospital, she had the special touch to get him to sleep, she gave him breathing treatments when he was sick at around 4 months old, she would do it all... ok,  so she refuses to change poopy pants.  Nobody's perfect.

After we began the process of getting Trey diagnosed and into therapy services... Megan was right there.  She wanted to be at as many therapy sessions she could so that she could learn to help Trey.  I am so proud of her for wanting to help by learning all she could about Autism.  She even shares her story about her little brother with friends and teachers at school.  She wears her "Embracing the Amazing" bracelet everyday with pride!

One day I read an article online about how Autism affects the older siblings. Well... you can see how completely proud I am of Megan!!  I love watching her interact with Trey... and seeing the complete admiration he has for her melts my heart!  But I never thought about the fears she may have for her baby brother and how it affects her.  I was really curious.  So to find out, I did what every mother would do to communicate with her daughter to get honest input.. text her a message on Facebook.  Here is my interview with my Megan:

How would you describe Trey?
He is the silliest little kid with the cutest smile and the biggest dimple. He loves his toy farm, his favorite show Super Why, his favorite food is chicken nuggets, and can say the whole alphabet no problem. He can be wild at times and sweet at others and the best little brother.

What is it like to live with someone with Autism?
It can be challenging at times because its hard to go places without having a big meltdown but, it's NEVER boring because he usually wants your attention constantly. But, I could never see my life without an autistic little brother, Trey makes my life exciting and before I found out Trey had autism I had no clue what autism even was. I like MANY others were very stereotypical about anyone with a disorder. but it changed my whole perspective around because they aren't any different than me and you.

Do you worry about your brother?
Sometimes I do worry about Trey that he won't "fit in" at school because trust me there's a lot of bullying that goes on especially in middle school. But, I know he will be just fine because hes so sweet and silly how could anyone not love him?!? 

Megan's perspective on her brother's Autism is wise beyond her years.  I would like to think I am not just saying that because I am her mom... but I truly believe she will continue to do great things as she gets older not only for her little brother.. but perhaps help many others affected by Autism.


  1. Beautiful girl. Inside and out :) You are a lucky Mama.

  2. thanks Mac... I feel pretty lucky :)

  3. Love the post and all of the wonderful sibling pictures. Some of my favorite pictures of my kids are the pictures of them together! James is also very lucky to have an older sister (they are 7 years apart). They love to sing and dance together. Sweet relationship and then wham... sibling stuff happens! Gotta love it!