Saturday, April 28, 2012


(Trey is 2 years and 7 months)

It's amazing how a somewhat difficult day can take a sharp turn to incredibly full of wonder in the matter of a few seconds.  That was our day today with Trey.

He woke up too early at 5 a.m.  That's about 2 hours too early for him... usually a sign of a rough day to come.  We decided to go out this beautiful Saturday morning to a few garage sales in the area.  He was pretty crabby and fell asleep in his car seat about an hour into the outing.  About 20 minutes later he woke up so we decided to do a little grocery shopping before we headed home.  Big mistake.  Right after David makes the comment to me that we haven't been to the grocery store together in a long time... Trey has a meltdown.

Tired Boy
That is pretty much the pattern for the rest of the day.  Lots of meltdowns.  He took a long nap..but woke up crabby.  More meltdowns.  David gave him a super long bath (one of his very favorite things to do in the world) so that helped make the evening somewhat better for him.

About 20 minutes before bedtime, I decided to try the "slide show" idea.  Trey's OT therapist, Miss Amanda, gave us an idea during her visit on Thursday...she said to help him with speech, make a slide show on your T.V. with photos of familiar things to him.  I loved this idea right away!  I downloaded pictures of everything I could think of in his little life: ball, puzzle, blocks, shoes, mommy, daddy, bubbles, wagon, Alpha Pig, sippy cup, diaper, Cheetos the bear...everything.  We watched the slide show over and over and over.  It was a big hit with Trey.  He made a lot of sounds and big smiles at the familiar pictures.. but few words.  He could say "ball" and "bubbles" but that's about it.  It made me sad.

"Cheetos" the Bear
I decided to start doing this every night.  Maybe add more pictures as we go.  Or just keep the ones I have with hopes he can master speaking each of them... then maybe add more.  I was sad.. but I had hope.  He will get this!! I hope.

Before putting Trey to bed, I had to put the sheets and blankets back in the crib after washing them that afternoon.  David hands me his clean, folded pile of blankets... this boy loves his blankies!  David laughs and says "Trey, you have nine blankets!  Nine blankets!"

Suddenly this little voice exclaims, "Nine! Nine! Nine!"  Clear as day.  We were so surprised and happy! ...but the amazing part happened next.

Trey bends down to his special little pile of Sesame Street ABC flash cards and picks up a card and hands it to his daddy.  From the side of the card I could see, I asked "Is that the letter "N"?!?!" With a shocked look on his face, David turns the card around... and this, my friends, is what I see:



  1. Awesome!!!! I have found that the worst days often have the best stories! I like the idea of the slideshow on the TV not sure how to do it but I really like the idea!!

  2. Thanks Sarah!! :) I did the slideshow with Flickr photos..we have AT&T Uverse so there is a Flickr channel where you can load photos online then show them on that channel. I am pretty sure you could connect a digital camera to your TV too.

  3. I will have to check that out we have Direct TV and Netflix on demand so I will look to see if I can do something with that.