Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weighted Blanket with Little Money & Lots of Love!

I have wanted to get Trey a weighted blanket since learning he has Sensory Processing Disorder prior to his Autism diagnosis.  They are shown to be a great sensory therapy tool using deep pressure for calming, easing stress and anxiety, sleep, meltdowns... all the things that are difficult for children with SPD and/or Autism.  However, they are really expensive averaging around $100 for a crib size blanket! 

Trey loves his weighted blanket!

That's when I decided to make one myself.  I found a simple set of step-by-step directions online... and did it!  I wanted to share this because this blanket really was easy to do!  If you can sew a straight line (which is basically the extent of my sewing skills), you can make one too!!
Can you sew a straight line? Then you can make it!

Crib Size 36x52
Materials Needed: 
  • Material for front and back of blanket (enough for 36x52 plus 1 inch hems)
  • Poly-pellets for weight (to determine how much, figure 10% of body weight plus 1 pound)
  • Poly-fil for making blanket cushy (1 bag)
  • Thread for sewing machine, scissors, fabric pencil, and iron
  1. Start by cutting out your material.  One piece for front (pattern) and one piece for back (solid).  Cut them both the same size including 1" bigger than the size of blanket you want all the way around for hem.  Then lay the top on the floor with the right side up.  Take back piece and lay on top with its right side down. Sew around three sides leaving one side open.
  2. Turn material inside-out so you have something like a pillowcase.  Iron the edges down.  Then sew around the edges with material right side out.
  3. Measure the width of the blanket on the side with the open end.  Divide by 6.  This is the column width.  Use a ruler and mark lines on the fabric with a fabric pencil.  Make 6 columns running from open end to the opposite and then sew online those lines.
  4. Next draw.. do not sew.. going the opposite direction so your material is covered with squares.  Do 6 rows as well using the same formula as above.
  5.  Figure how much weight will be put in each block.  Count the blocks and take amount of weight you want in ounces.  Divide by the number of blocks you have.  If you have 36 blocks and want a 4 lb. blanket, divide 36 into 64 oz..  this would be 1.77 ounces per block.
  6. Start by putting enough poly-pellets for one block down into each column then stuff a little poly-fil on top.  Now sew your line that goes along the top of that row of blocks.  Repeat again and again until the entire blanket is stuffed.
  7. Once you get to the end, take your open end and fold edge down towards the inside.  Iron to make it neat and flat.  Then sew directly on top of the fold all the way around the blanket edge for extra durability.
Weighted Blanket with Thomas fabric
You don't need mad sewing skills to make this blanket.  It was just as easy as it looks.  I think I spent a total of $30 on the material, pellets, and stuffing.  I could have saved a few bucks on fabric, but I had to get the "Thomas" fabric. :)  It was worth making this special blanket for my special little boy.  I just couldn't afford buying one at retail prices.  This blanket was made with little money and lots of love!!

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