Thursday, April 12, 2012

One Week Later..

(Trey is 2 years and 6 months)

It's been one week since our visit at the Thompson Center... and our official diagnosis of Autism for Trey.  It was a tough week for me.  I was able to keep my mind busy with work, but I couldn't shake the feeling of sadness inside. I am just worried that Trey will never be "normal".. and I also worry that he indeed could learn and develop normally as long as we find him the right therapy and do as parents what we should do to help teach him as well.

We were given TONS of information in a big binder along with strong suggestions of different types of therapy to pursue for Trey.  Between the binder and the internet, I have become completely overwhelmed!  After reading through the Autism Speaks "First 100 Days" tool kit..

I am now trying to get it all organized...get strong again..and get Trey the help he needs! (..and maybe a little help for me too)

  • FIRST STEPS:  I talked with our Service Coordinator and our OT Therapist about getting ABA Therapy for Trey.  They were both a little concerned about it because apparently it is a pretty intense program so they suggested we do more research prior to just jumping in. Good advice.
  •  TOUCHPOINT AUTISM SERVICES:  This is a local St. Louis facility that offers a lot of different types of therapy including speech/communication which was recommended Trey receive a lot more of.  They also offer classes for parents...and even older sibling workshops (which I think my daughter Megan would love!)  I have to fill out a 6 page application before we are considered for admission. It's on the printer as we speak. :)
  •  MIDWEST MUSICAL THERAPY: This facility started here in St, Louis in 2000 and has licensed therapists utilize music therapy as a way to help special needs kids with communication, social skills, cognitive learning, behavior, and motor skills.  It was also highly recommended that we find this for Trey.  I love this idea!!  I can't wait for him to start this after reading all the benefits of music to these children. They have summer camps beginning in June for kids 2-5 to meet once a week... signing us up!!
  •  MY AUTISM TEAM:  This has been helpful to ME to talk with parents who are going through or have been through the same journey as us.  It's kind of set up like a Facebook page.. you have a profile and information about yourself.  Then you can connect with people from all over the United States or even right down the street!  I have just begun to use this for myself as a way of connecting to others.. it is so helpful and everyone is super nice.  I will be logging on more for sure.


  1. Hi... I have had contact with you on under the user name SarahK. I love working with families who are new to our wonderful~loving~crazy~never sleeping world. Keep lovin' your little man and the rest will fall into place. Let me know if I can help you in any way I love reading peoples blogs and need to start one of my own but it is currently still on my "to do list".

  2. thank you so much Sarah!! you have been so helpful to me on that sight...I am learning the importance of reaching out and talking to people for help and inspiration as my husband and I head down this journey with our son. :) You should start's GREAT therapy!!!

  3. I have a gazillion things to fill a blog but I am stuck on the perfect title. I hope to come up with one soon.